Uttar Pradesh Police have arrested a 25-year-old woman for allegedly abducting a groom at gunpoint late on Tuesday in Hamirpur district. Varsha Sahu's 'Revolver Rani' act has gone viral on social media.

Uttar Pradesh: Jilted woman abducts groom at gunpoint from wedding hall

Varsha had pulled up to the wedding venue in an SUV, aimed a revolver to the groom's head and said: "This man loves me. He is betraying me by marrying someone else. I will not allow this to happen." But now, she claims that the groom, Ashok Yadav, willingly went with her.

According to NDTV, Varsha says the Ashok "knocked on her car and came willingly" that night.

"He was not happy with the marriage. He was not ready to marry that girl. The girl's family knew he was in love with someone else but said she would handle the situation," Varsha added.

Varsha further asserted that she did not carry any weapon. "I did not go there with a pistol... it is all a lie," she said.

While police have ascertained a part of the claim that Varsha and Ashok were in a relationship, they are yet to confirm the claims made by Varsha. "She has said they were lovers and knew each other for eight years. The boy was not happy with the marriage he was getting into," police officer RK Mishra told NDTV.

According to earlier reports, Varsha had threatened onlookers with dire consequences if they tried to stop her. Minutes later, Varsha, who was allegedly accompanied by two other armed men, drove away with Ashok.

Ashok works at a private clinic in Banda. He was in a relationship with Varsha and had promised to marry her. But a few months later, he started avoiding her as his family had fixed his marriage with another woman.

The father of the groom, Ramhet Yadav, said: "There was definitely something suspicious about my son. When I tried to visit him in the town where he worked, he would not invite me to his home. Instead, we would meet at a temple and feed me at a food stall near there and then send me home."

The bride's family had registered a case of kidnapping.