What is Emily Planning for Victoria in "Revenge" season 4 episode 12 titled "Madness".Facebook/Revenge

With Sebastian Pigott joining the cast of "Revenge" season 4 as Louise Ellis' (Elena Satine) brother Lyman, viewers can expect a thrilling episode on ABC this Sunday, 11 January.

Though the intentions of the new character are yet to be revealed, the spoilers of episode 12 point at Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) having a tough time in the series.

She will be targeted by many lead characters, including David Clarke (James Tupper) and Emily Thorne or Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp), in "Madness".

As per the synopsis, David will finally decide to settle his debt with Victoria and Emily will help Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) in his revenge plan.

But it is not clear whether Victoria is the target for Ross or not since his plans are kept under wraps.

However, the mother of late Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) could make an exit from the show anytime soon, according to the trailer of "Madness".

In the 19-second-long sneak peek video, Emily is seen telling her dad, "I sacrificed my whole life for this moment." Even the final scene of the promotional clip showing David indicates the same.

Meanwhile, several speculations are doing the rounds that Ross could probably find his new love in Lyman and the new cast member may use his southern charm to win the former's trust and take his help to go ahead.

To know more about Emily, Victoria, David, Louise, Lyman and Ross watch Sunday night's episode of "Revenge" season 4 on ABC at 10pm.

Watch the trailer of "Madness" below: