Kylie Jenner Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit Dosanjh's reaction to Kylie Jenner's pregnancy newsJEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images & Twitter/ Kylie Jenner

It is no secret that Diljit Dosanjh has a massive crush on Kylie Jenner. The Punjabi singer has written songs, shared fan art portraying them as a possible Punjabi couple and has been abash about his feelings for the Jenner sister.

But why does he like her so much? This question has been asked by several fans and putting fans misery to rest, the actor finally revealed what has attracted him to the reality star.

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Talking to Indian Express, the Soorma actor revealed that he is attracted because she looks like a Punjabi girl.

"She looks like a Punjabi girl to me, and so I really like her," he said. But the actor has one complaint from the star. Revealing the reason, he added, "But look at her! She isn't replying to my messages but I am sure one day she will and will also agree to do a video with me."

Diljit recently announced that he is working on a song dedicated to the rumoured-to-be pregnant star. The actor confirmed to Times of India he is releasing a song in January that will have a reference to Kylie.

"I have made a song which has references to Kylie, it releases in January," he was quoted in the story. While that is one of his upcoming projects that fans are excited about, the actor has a busy 2018 otherwise as well.

He will be seen in several projects next year, including Soorma with Taapsee Pannu. The actor has beefed up for the Sandeep Singh biopic, flaunting his six-packs on social media hinting at the vigorous training he is undergoing to nail the role.

"Sandeep had six-pack abs at one point of time. So, in the film, I too need to have these six packs, hence this weight loss. But it's so difficult, you can't make a Punjabi man stay away from food like this. Once the shoot is done I will take a break and just gorge on my favourite food. I will be travelling so no one can stop me there," he told IE.

Soorma is slated to release in June 2018.