Ramayana has been one of the cults shows back in the 80s. All thanks to coronavirus lockdown, the show came into the limelight again after Doordarshan brought back the show on TV. Arun Govil as Lord Ram, Deepika Chikhalia as Sita and Sunil Lahri as Lakshman were a historic trio. The show recently clicked 33 years and before the coronavirus outbreak made an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show.

Needless to say, the cast of Ramayana has a huge fan following even now. Back then, when social media wasn't even prevalent fans would anxiously wait outside the shooting spot to get the glimpse of the actors. Now in 2020, social media has changed the game of everything.

From actors fan accounts to real accounts there is a pool of Twitter and Instagram accounts that aren't verified but active.

cast of Ramayana and their real acc

Well, many of you must be unaware that actors much before facing the arclights make sure they have a strong and steady social media account. With good numbers which are verified. Some of them are even secretly on social media without verification but make sure they get all the news and updates without having an official account.

With Ramayana coming back, the actors who didn't understand the game of social media, are now active and have multiple fan accounts and it is really difficult to make out which account is real or fake.

International Business Times brings to its readers the list of real and fake social media accounts Arun Govil and Dipika Chikhlia.

Take a look!

Arun Govil, who became a household name after starring in Ramayana as Lord Ram has close to 7 to 8 accounts on Twitter.

Arun Govil in a video message pointed out how an unidentified person has created a fake Twitter profile with the exact same photo that Arun Govil has as his profile picture. Mr Govil posted his video message after Prime Minister Narendra Modi mistakenly tagged the fake profile while thanking the actor for his message on coronavirus. Mr Govil asked his fans and followers to Twitter to report the fake profile and to "stop" it from operating as him.

Here's what he said in his video message in Hindi, roughly translated in English: "I hope that you are watching Ramayan and have been enjoying it as always. A gentleman has created a Twitter profile with the moniker 'RealArunGovil' which is not real. In reality, my real account is 'arungovil12.' I request you all to ask the gentleman to not do this and stop him. I am extremely hopeful that I'll have your full support in this matter."

The real profile of Arun Govil:

Real account of Arun Govil

The fake accounts of Arun Govil:

ARUN GOVIL's fake accountS

 Arun Govil is not on Instagram but he has almost 10 fan accounts:

there are fan pages and many official fan pages.

Dipika aka Mata Sita:

Real Instagram account of Dipika


Fake acc

 Real Twitter account:

Dipika aka Sita's real twitter acc
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