Priyanka Chopra has risen from stardom to superstardom to international superstardom in the last couple of years and along with it, people's interest in her personal life has also increased. However, she is one of those stars who likes to keep her private life private, so when she gives people a glimpse of that on social media, fans are quick to jump to conclusions.

Beth Schacter, a writer for "Quantico" recently shared a cute photo of Chopra along with her Season 2 co-star Russell Tovey with the caption: "I think @priyankachopra and @russelltovey like each other. We sure like them."

In the photo, Chopra is seen pulling the British actor's iconic pointed ears and while many were happy to comment on that, many Indian fans of Chopra assumed the duo is a couple.

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There were many an article also about how Chopra may have found love on the sets of "Quantico Season 2. The two sure do make a lovely couple, and may even be seen pretending to be one on the ABC show. But Tovey is definitely not the man in Chopra's life:

We get it, he is too cute to resist, but unfortunately he doesn't bat for Chopra's or any other beautiful women's team. Tovey, who is best known for his roles as Henry Knight in BBC's "Sherlock" and Kevin Matheson in HBO's "Looking," is actually gay. In fact, he has been very vocal about his life and the falling out he had with his father after he came out.