Director Revanth Korukonda's short film "Natyam," starring Kuchipudi artiste Sandhya Raju, was released on YouTube on April 29, and received favourable response from the audience.

"Natyam" revolves around the story of Kuchipudi dancer Kalyani, who gets occupied with domestic responsibilities and gives up her passion for dance after marriage. She starts feeling internal conflict between a comfortable life and her thirst for pursuing her interest. An incident from the past encourages her to resume her passion. In this process, she discovers her old self in her new life.

Sandhya Raju is convincing as the beautiful and passionate Kuchipudi artiste Kalyani in "Natyam." She flawlessly sinks into the role and transforms herself into the Kuchipudi dancer. The viewers cannot take their eyes off her performance. Other actors have also done a commendable job in the film.

"As an artist I feel Natyam will inspire many women who relate to the role played in the film by me. What brings joy to me is that the film is being showcased to the world on the eve of International Dance Day it is a compelling tribute to a great art and its revival." Sandhya Raju said in a statement.

The film's director, Revanth Korukonda, is a budding filmmaker, who followed his passion for cinema, and received a master's degree in filmmaking from the University of Missouri in Columbia. "I found perfect cast for my script in Sandhya I saw her profile in the website Kuchipudi Kalakarulu. She perfectly fits the character which needs to be soft, gentle, and pleasant and at the same time displays audacity when situation demands," he says.

The 34-minute video of "Natyam" has so far got 73,943 views, 1,286 thumbs up, 31 thumbs down and 131 comments on YouTube. The short film is a good watch for all the other elements it encapsulates. The performances, direction, characterisation, cinematography, music, design, costume and writing deserve accolades, says the audience.

Here is the video of the short film, "Natyam:"