Justin Bieber's brand-new single Anyone was dropped on January 1. Undoubtedly for Beliebers, New Year began on a happy and musical note. Since then, Beliebers are going gaga over the new track. On January 8 midnight YouTube deleted Justin Bieber's 'Anyone', though it retracted and put it back within an hour.

 Here's everything that happened in these12 hours!

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Beliebers, trends 'RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER: Here's why?

 Around midnight on January 8, 2021, YouTube took off the official visual for Bieber's new song, leaving fans in jittery. When fans found out that the video had been taken down after reaching 30 million views, they started trending 'Respect For Justin Bieber', demanding justice for Justin as they claimed the video had been unfairly reported and that there was nothing in the video that would seem inappropriate.

Justice for justin bieber
When the vidoe was deleted

YouTube retracted the removal and put it back within an hour

However, within 24 hours, the music video was back up again. When the 'Anyone' music video was put back up on YouTube, the 30 million views were left untouched.

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Why was Justin Bieber's 'Anyone' music video taken down from YouTube?

It was believed that haters had mass reported on the music video in an attempt to sabotage. Many fans were also upset that Justin might lose all his views for the video, especially as many worked hard to promote and stream the music video.

Irked fans took to social media and sought justice and 'Respect Justin Bieber'

"Wait for what!?? @justinbieber #Anyone #AnyoneVideo," wrote a fan in disbelief.

Another Tweeted, "anyone was deleted, probably reported till they removed it, we need to get this mv back @scooterbraun @justinbieber @thatrygood @AllisonKaye."

One fan wrote, "Ma daily routine is streaming all new content and MV of @5ecretNumberand @justinbieber. And I just realized #Anyone MV's is gone U can see at Deleted Video by ss of list Music Videos N ma friend talk abt some h4t3s tweeted Like how the f!?"

​ "I'm so mad because WE BELIEBERS were the ones promoting and [streaming] that video. WE got the 30m views just for it to be taken down..... doesn't sit right with me especially since there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the video. RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER."

​ "We need to do justice for this [...] one thing is that you do not like an artist, but already wasting their work that is a lack of respect. RESPECT JUSTIN BIEBER."

​"The fandoms sabotaged Justin against making a joint effort to denounce the video in bulk on YouTube for the simple facts of not being able to see his success, and they just forgot that he always wins in the end."

Tweeple are amused seeing why people are seeking 'Respect Justin Bieber'?

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Twitter reacts seeing respect for justice bieber trend
Tweeple are amused seeing respect for Justin Bieber trend
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

What is Bieber's new song 'Anyone'

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Twitter fan pages

​Bieber's brand new single is accompanied by a Rocky-inspired music video, starring Zoey Dutch, directed by Colin Tilley. Bieber plays a Rocky-Esque boxer who is shown training, drinking raw eggs, drinking juice, and competing in the ring. The famously tattooed singer in the video catches attention with his shaggy hair. Beliebers have noted that his look in the song reminds Bieber at the beginning of his career.

The video also features Zoey Deutch as Bieber's love interest who supports him on his journey. 

 As the track is up again: Here's the MV of the song!