Karan Johar's Koffee with Karan and Kapil Sharma's The Kapil Sharma Show are unarguably two of the most popular shows on Indian television we desperately wait for. So what happens when the two of them come together? Laughter riot, firecrackers, entertainment and sass!

Every time Karan Johar threw a twisted question at Kapil Sharma, he bounced back with a hilarious answer. And every time Karan Johar tried to put him in a plot, Kapil proved how it is not that easy to defeat the ace comedian at a play-of-words. Let's take a look at the five answers which prove he is the ultimate King of Humour.

Karan Johar and Kapil Sharma
Karan Johar and Kapil Sharma@karanjohar, @kapilsharma on Instagram

The answers!

When Karan Johar asked Kapil about being invited to the show, Kapil said, "I thought you were playing a prank on me. My English is over now, can we talk in Hindi?" Kapil was his unapologetic best at the show and didn't mind talking in the language he was most comfortable in.

When Karan Johar asked him about a word in the English language which according to him is the biggest and he knows, pat came Kapil's reply, "Apologise." He added that he failed to understand when the word 'sorry' was already there, what was the need for the word 'apologise'.

Being his uninhibited self, Kapil also had an advice for PM Narendra Modi. He said that he wants the PM to make Twitter license based as "koi bhi munh utha ke chala aata hai aur kuch bhi bolta hai, including me."

When Karan Johar tried to put Kapil in a panga spot with Kangana Ranaut and asked what would he do if he woke up as Kangana Ranaut one day, Kapil smartly replied that he would delete all her email accounts.

That wasn't it, when Karan Johar asked him to translate these English films into Hindi ones, and asked him to translate Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Kapil said, "Gadhe ke sar pe dhoop." What's more? When he again asked Kapil to give a Hindi name for 'The Fault in our Stars', Kapil brilliantly said, "Shah Rukh Khan ki galti."

Now, isn't that hilarious!