Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan
Renu Desai opens up on her divorces from Pawan Kalyan, fans abusive comments. Pictured: Renu Desai and Pawan KalyanFacebook

Renu Desai has maintained a very good relationship with power star Pawan Kalyan after their divorce, but now the actress is upset with fans objecting to her sharing Pawan Kalyan's photos on social media or talking to him.

The actress published her interview titled "Renu Desai about Pawan Kalyan" on her official YouTube channel on 14 September. In the 14:50-minute-long video, she talks about her separation from Pawan Kalyan and her relationship with him after the divorce. She says the actor still comes to meet her and her kids in Pune.

When asked about fans' objection, she says it is her wish and no one has the right to ask her about this. "They think that I have signed divorce papers. Neither I should recognise him nor should he do it to me. This rule has been made. I don't know who made the rule. It's my wish and I don't understand why I should not talk about him," she says.

On sharing Pawan Kalyan's photos on social media, Renu Desai says: "I had taken several photos of Kalyan in the past and they are saved on my desktop. I shared them. I am the photographer and shared them with the consent of the hero. What is your problem? Majority of the fans are very sweet and were very happy. But few fans think that I have been staying apart from him and I should not talk about him."

"If he is comfortable with me posting his pictures, none in this world has right to ask it. I don't really understand what their problem is. Some even feel that I share photos to again attention. Recently, I posted one birthday video and some said I have done it to get some free publicity. I have don't have any release and I don't do it for the publicity of my film," she adds.

Talking about her relationship with the power star, Renu Desai says: "I have been the closest person for Pawan Kalyan as I have stayed with him for 11 years. I have been a very close friend for him even six years after the split. I have seen his political career and I have been part of his career since 1999. We started living together since shooting days of Badri. He used to make notes about the film all through the nights and I used to be awake with him to prepare him tea and other stuffs."

"I have stayed with him for 11 years and I am the mother of his kids. Some say I have divorced him and I should not talk to him. Why should not I talk to him? He is my friend and how can one not speak to friend? Kids know that they have both father and mother. It's known fact that he comes to Pune. It's known fact we holiday together. Me and Kalyan are not enemies and he could not stay together for personal reasons. Hence we divorced and it was quiet divorce. We never had fight or bitter feelings for each other. If he had bitter feelings, he would have come to Pune and we would not have had selfies. We have very friendly equations, which is very good for kids," she stressed.

Talking about abusive comments by some fans, the actress-turned-director says: "There are some fans of other heroes, who go on a rampage against me, when I say something about Kalyan on social media. They say I need publicity and I am the easiest sitting soft target for them. They make abusive remarks against me without using their original name and DP on the social media and they understand what it means. I stopped thinking about negative comments about me and I think they are just expressing their personal frustration."

Meanwhile, Renu Desai hurled anger against the war between two stars. "I have seen that all the stars are professional and they maintain good relations. Venkatesh has come to our house many times. Kalyan supported Mahesh Babu, when he spoke against piracy. When their films release, it is professional competition. All of them maintain cordial relations otherwise," she says.