Renault Kwid's
Renault Kwid's "Art Car" unveiled in MumbaiPR Handout

French carmaker Renault Kwid has never failed to catch the attention of auto lovers in India and outside the country since its inception. The small car, which made its entry into the market last September, is proving to be a great success in the market and is once again in the headlines. 

Indo-French artist Shombit Sengupta has painted the Kwid in Gesturism Art style and the first Kwid Art Car is on display at the ICIA Gallery, Mumbai until November 14 as part of "D├ęsordre," an exhibition of Gesturism Art created by Sen.

The Art Car will then be sent to Barbizon (December 10 to 27  2016), also called the Artists' Village in France, where Modern Art has been cradled since 1870. Thereafter, the Kwid art car will travel to international auto shows and art shows, and will finally find place in the Renault Heritage Museum in France.

"In the Kwid that Sen painted at our invitation," said Patrick Lecharpy, Renault's design director in Paris. "It's the first time an artist has narrated a story through his painting style in an art car, in contrast to earlier art cars done by famous artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, Koons and Calder that showcased only the artist's style of art."

In his search for a new painting expression to transcend Post Modern Art, and his experience of grappling contradictory cultures, Sen established the ideology he calls Gesturism Art in 1994. This style has paintings and d├ęsordre installations in different themes.

There are eight themes with 50 recent 2015-16 artworks being showcased in this solo exhibition, which will run upto November 22 2016 at the ICIA Gallery at Colaba in Mumbai. These themes are Mystic Island, Love & Force, Colour of Dance, Sensualism, Night Spirit, Companion, Breathing France, and a theme on India called Ville Engimatique.