The remains of eight Royal Air Force (RAF) men, killed in a plane crash during World War II, were buried in Malaysia with full military honours on Thursday.

The burial ceremony took place at Cheras War Graves cemetery in Kuala Lumpur.

The eight airmen of RAF plane Liberator KL654 were killed in 1945 while they were on a mission to carry supplies from the Cocos Islands to the prisoners of war living in what was then known as Malaya.

The plane wreckage was found in the dense jungle by tribesmen in 1991, almost 46 years after the plane crash. The remains of the crew members were recovered in 2009 by a team of volunteers from the UK and Malaysia.

Families and relatives of the deceased attended the burials and paid their last respects. When an army official played the bugler, an honour guard lowered the remains of the airmen in a single casket at a Commonwealth war grave in Kuala Lumpur, Associated Press reported.

Relatives of the deceased told BBC that it was a fitting end to what had happened 67 years ago. During the final days of the WWII, the men had been sent on what they had hoped would be their last mission before returning to their homes, the news service said.

According to reports, the plane engine had developed a fault before the aircraft plunged into the deep jungle.

The eight airmen of the Royal Air Force plane were:

1.      Flight Sergeant Jack Blackey-Flight Engineer

2.      Flying Officer John Trevor Bromfield- Air Bomber

3.      Flying Officer William Kenneth Dovey- Navigator

4.      Flying Officer Edward Donald Mason- Co pilot

5.      Flight Sergeant William Ross- Air Gunner

6.      Flight Sergeant Raymond Arthur Towell- Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner

7.      Flight Sergeant Arthur Turner- Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner

8.      Flight Lieutenant John Selwyn Watts-Pilot