Kerala, the southernmost state in Kerala is slowly emerging as the hot hub of extreme religious fanaticism. From alleged ISIS recruitment to migration to Afghanistan, Kerala has been under the scanner of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) over the past few years. And now, the rivalry between Christian and Muslim communities in the state has been elevated over a movie's name. 

Everything started with Eesho: Not from the Bible

It all began when Mollywood director Nadirshah announced his new movie Eesho: Not from the Bible. The film's title soon triggered controversies, and extreme Christian believers called the name an insult against Jesus Christ. In Kerala, Jesus Christ is often referred to as Eesho, and a movie with this name irked a section of Christians in the state. 

eesho not from the Bible
Posters of Eesho and MuhammadFacebook

Former MLA PC George also lashed out at Nadirshah, and he alleged that Muslim extremists are controlling the film industry in the state. Even though Nadirshah claimed that the film has nothing to do with the Bible, Christians, citing the religion of Nadirshah alleged that the director is trying to malign Jesus Christ with this movie. 

Later, Nadirshah revealed that he will remove the tagline 'Not from the Bible' from the film's title. However, he made it clear that the film's title will be Eesho, and it will not be changed. 

CASA announces movie with name Bible

As Nadirshah refused to change the movie's name, a Facebook group page named CASA which is known for propagating extreme Christian ideologies announced a short film named 'Muhammad'. Shockingly, the Christian group even moved a step ahead and gave the movie a tagline 'The POCSO Criminal.' 

The Christian extremist group added that this short film named Muhammad will be released on November 19 as a part of World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse. The group claimed that this movie will be based on a true story set in Assam in 1997. 

The move from CASA is receiving positive responses from extreme Christian followers, but liberalists in the state lashed out at this irresponsible action, and they made it clear that such deeds could shatter the communal harmony in the state.