Reliance Jio
Mukesh AmbaniReliance Jio official website (screen-shot)

Reliance Jio has managed to stay on top of the news with its series of announcements made over the last few months. On December 1, Reliance Industries Limited's Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani will once again address the company's employees and shareholders, and there is a lot of anticipation around what might be announced.

Reliance Jio has managed to keep a tight lid on what it plans to announce on Thursday, but there are a few guesses. For those who are keen to know about Thursday's big announcement, tune into Jio's official media and social networking channels for a live webcast of Ambani's speech.

The event is scheduled to begin at 1.30 pm on Thursday, which will be live streamed through the following sources:

On YouTube, visit Flame of Truth channel and Jio Digital Life channel.

On Facebook, visit Reliance Industries Limited official account and Jio's official page.

On Twitter, follow the handles @FlameOfTruth and @RelianceJio for updates. For latest updates, also keep an eye out for #JioDigitalLife, which is the official hashtag for the event.

Interestingly, you can download Jio Chat and Jio Play apps on your smartphones to follow Ambani's major announcement.

What to expect from Jio at Thursday's event?

The biggest and the most-anticipated announcement expected at the event, at least by the people of India, is the rollout of a new Jio Welcome Offer, which will extend the free 4G LTE data and voice call offering by another three months. Reports suggest the new JWO will be available to new customers and the existing ones on the network will have to pay for the service starting January 1, 2017. But let's not jump into conclusions here.

Another interesting announcement would be the Jio Fiber, which has been in the news for quite some time. The super high-speed broadband internet has been under testing in select cities, but Jio might finally drop the secrecy on its Jio Fiber plans on Thursday. If launched commercially, Jio Fiber would provide speeds up to 1Gbps and don't be surprised if the company decides to throw in a three-month free trial as a sign of its generosity.