Reliance Jio rumoured to set up new system for online booking of Jio SIM cards with priority delivery
A general view of Reliance Jio headquarters is seen on the outskirts of Mumbai, India, June 1, 2016Reuters

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) blamed Airtel for failing to respond to its request to augment sufficient points of interconnect (PoIs). As a result, more than 1.6 crore calls are failing between Airtel and Jio networks every day, RJIL claims.

Reliance Jio responded to the recent letter sent by Airtel, in which the nation's biggest telecom operator blames Jio itself for the network connectivity issues and call failures. In the letter sent to RJIL on Monday, Airtel said the reason behind call failures on Jio's network was the hurriedness to welcome a large user base even before the commercial launch, which is scheduled for January 1, 2017.

Airtel blamed Jio that despite its efforts to release PoIs, issues at Jio's end are causing the delay. But Jio did not see fit to silently take the blame. On Tuesday, the new telco said it has been completely ready to accept any augmentation of PoIs from Airtel or any other operator.

In response to Airtel's allegation of Jio's under-preparedness and insufficient testing teams and efforts, the telco said that it hasn't seized operations in months.

"RJIL denies that there has been any delay at its end in operationalising the E1s. On the contrary, RJIL has been consistently following-up with Airtel and the other incumbent operators over the last several months for augmentation of interconnection capacity. These requests had been denied by Airtel and the other incumbent operators as part of their anti-competitive strategy and in complete breach of their license conditions."

According to Jio, this is the prime reason for call failures between Airtel and Jio networks. While Airtel blamed Jio for creating traffic asymmetry issue, which is causing in huge financial losses to Airtel, RJIL said its current traffic pattern is well within the limit of what is expected in a new network.

Last week, Jio said due to no operational PoIs from incumbent operators, more than 10 crore calls to Airtel, Vodaone and Idea are failing every day.