Is Reliance Jio 4G speed not up to the mark anymore?
A Reliance employee demonstrates Jio LYF phone at their headquarters on the outskirts of Mumbai, India, June 1, 2016. Reliance Jio Infocomm, the telecom arm of Reliance Industries Limited, is buzzing ever since it announced its formal foray into 4G services last month.Reuters file

With every passing day, the queues outside Reliance Digital stores are getting longer, as people wait for their turn to get the free Jio SIM. However, people who have already got their 4G SIMs are complaining about activation delays, and the stream of users' complaints doesn't end just there.

Jio is currently running a trial of its 4G network across India and started off with a limited number of users earlier this year. Things were great at first, with incredible speeds and strong network everywhere, but issues started shortly after the new telco decided to open its free trial to all. Users who had been shifted from the "Preview Offer" to "Welcome Offer" experienced a notable drop in Jio's internet speeds.

As days passed and more and more users joined Jio's network, the issue seems to have only worsened. Now, users not only complain that their internet speeds have dropped, but also experience intermittent connections. There is no known cause for such disruption, but the general idea is that the increasing number of users is possibly congesting the signals, which flowed freely in the initial days.

Users have complained on Twitter about the slow internet speeds on Jio's network. Bengaluru-based businessman Amjad told us that besides the drop in the internet speed, Jio internet keeps going on and off, which infuriates the user.

Jio can be given the benefit of doubt, given that its network is currently in the test phase and the internet speeds may get better after the commercial launch next year. But the only reason for users to get Jio's SIM card is to enjoy the optimum internet experience, which is free until December 31. Also, the telecom operator is battling issues surrounding interconnect points and mobile number portability, so it can establish a reliable voice call network, which will offer unlimited free HD calls to any network across India for a lifetime.