Amer Safaee
Amer Safaee

"You don't have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to achieve great things in life." Learning from adversities and molding your life can take you to the pinnacle of success. And one such inspiring tale is that of Amer Safaee, successful founder of Bama Security Group.

Safaee was born into a low-income family in Daykundi, Afghanistan, in the year 1980. Being driven and academically-oriented since childhood, He completed his Bachelor's in IT from a University.

He went on to start his IT firm Bama Security Operations to provide IT and security solutions to various companies. Bama Security Operations, later known as Bama Group Company, expanded its business across ten nations, namely Tajikistan, Turkey, UAE, UK, Germany, and more. Amer late on pursued his MBA.

Currently, Amer Safaee works from 3 primary Locations: Dubai, London, and Istanbul to manage the empire he has masked. Amer Safaee is not just a busy man who handles his work 24*7 but is someone who believes in Work-Life balance.

He loves to travel and go on adventures. He loves horse riding and several other sports. He keeps his body and mind synchronized and relaxed by taking strolls after a busy day. His love for food is profound, but he is also a preacher of a healthy lifestyle who incorporates a healthy diet besides cutting some slack on delicious traditional cuisines. Amer Safaee feels he is also a man of elegant style and expensive taste. From luxury cars to fashion giants like LV and Dior, He feels that his possessions speak volumes about his sense of fashion.

Amer Safaee says his mantra to succeed is to believe in Logical Risk-taking and developing extensive knowledge on the subject matter.

Amer says that he believes that Business knowledge is the most significant strategic asset, and the skill to blend it with the risk-taking ability can make you a successful entrepreneur.

As per him One of his winning traits is inspirational is that he is not afraid of failures. Apparently his immense power is to fight the obstacles and emerge victoriously. He says that when things were extremely rough in the Middle East market, he did not falter but devised solutions to come out of it instead.

Amer Safaee wants to make the best use of disruptive technology in today's business scenario and invest in lucrative proposals. His Target is to expand the business to 50 nations by the year 2025.