Xbox One
Xbox One will release on 22

Gamers, who have received the Microsoft Xbox One console weeks ahead of its official launch due to a target slip-up, might not termed lucky. It has been found that users will not be able to connect their consoles to Xbox Live until the actual launch date.

"Due to a retail partner's system issue, a very small number of Xbox One consoles were shipped to consumers before the November 22 street date," stated a Microsoft spokesperson.

"We're pleased to see the initial response to Xbox One has been so positive, but given we are still putting the finishing touches on our games, UI, and online services, as well as confidential partner and media agreements, these console units will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date." Microsoft confirmed to Kotaku, a renowned gaming news website.

A target representative further confirmed that the early shipping of the Xbox One consoles was due to the system error which led to the shipping of consoles in small numbers. It has been further revealed that around 150 system consoles have been sent to retail shops; however the numbers are yet to be verified, reported Gamespot.

Users who received the consoles would not be able to make much out of the system without a day one update, as stated by Microsoft weeks ago.

But one of the users has revealed the details of game download sizes along with other dashboard and download details. The update, as stated by the user, is said to be sized around 500MB.

More reveals by the user can be seen here.