Apple has released its latest operating system iOS 9 with new features and upgrades that can give users a new experience but there is no guarantee that it will work fine for everyone if one is to go by what many experienced with the iOS 8 last year. And there is more reason than one for those with jailbroken devices to wait for iOS 9 jailbreak instead of upgrading to iOS 9.

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The iOS 9 comes with performance improvements and enhances services like Siri and Spotlight Search but it may do more harm than good if you have jailbroken your device on iOS 8. So, it makes sense to wait for iOS 9 jailbreak before upgrading to iOS 9.

Firstly, you will lose all jailbreak tweaks if you upgrade your device to iOS 9. So, updating the new software may not worth it, especially if you rely heavily on tweaks.

The iOS 9 jailbreak is not expected to come any time soon despite rumours giving out tentative release date but once it is launched, you can update the new firmware without fear of losing jailbreak tweaks.

There are reports that Apple device users are facing installation issues with iOS 9, and a few other problems like short battery life and WiFi connection after successfully running on the software. So, it is best to stick to your iOS 8.4 jailbreak until iOS 9 jailbreak is released instead of taking risk of losing all the tweaks with new firmware update.

Moreover, Apple's new operating system iOS 9 doesn't come with noticeable upgrade like iOS 7. It is reported that developers of jailbreak tweaks have started working on bringing features of iOS 9 to iOS 8. If that happens, users who have jailbroken devices will not need the new firmware.