YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly 2.0' has uploaded an eerie video that shows a cylindrical UFO hovering across the skies in Mississippi. The UFO seemingly moves very slowly across the skies, and at the first glance, it looks like an alien spaceship which we have often seen in Hollywood sci-fi movies.

The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the video was shot by a construction worker on October 22. The worker was apparently very near to the ocean in a beach house, and the alleged UFO was moving very slowly above the ocean.

The strange clip has been now submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and they are now investigating the sighting.

As the video uploaded by the conspiracy theory channel went viral on social media, alien buffs started arguing that extraterrestrial lives might be secretly living in the depth of the oceans. As per alien believers, the increased number of UFO sightings above the oceans is a clear indication that extraterrestrial beings are living underwater.

However, skeptics dismissed these alien claims, and they made it clear that the object spotted could be actually a blimp primarily used for advertisement. But adamant conspiracy theorists are seemingly not convinced with this explanation, and they argue that nobody will send a blimp above the surface of the ocean.

A few months ago, a similar object was spotted in the skies of New York. The alleged UFO appeared in New York was also cylindrical in shape, and it literally hovered across the skies in broad daylight.

As soon as the clip went viral, conspiracy theorists claimed that the object spotted could be either an alien spaceship or a secret military experimental vehicle. However, upon further investigation, it has been proved that the strange object was a blimp.

As the number of UFO sightings all over the world is increasing dramatically, some conspiracy theorists have started speculating that extraterrestrials from deep space are now gearing up for a disclosure.