Arjun Rawat
Arjun RawatPR Handout

Arjun Singh Rawat, now a well known face in North India, has had a hard life before making it big.

Having faced major financial crisis in his early life, Rawat always wanted to do something for his villagers, and that is what motivated him.

Arjun sensed that there are no big opportunities left in the village so he decided to move to Maharashtra Nilanga college of Engineering..

He did B-Tech and came back with dreams to become a civil engineer and develop infrastructure. With no money in hand, he took loan and assembled things and with his hard work got his first government contract of a bridge over connecting his village to the city. But still the resources were not enough..

However, somehow he completed his first project and since then he never looked back. People saw the rise of a man from nowhere to be one of the best Infrastructure developers in the country.

During one of his interview he said, "Earlier i used to walk because i couldn't afford a rickshaw and today it had been 15 years i haven't travelled in a rickshaw".

He is now one of the owners of a news channel named News 1 India along side his friend Anurag Chaddha ( a familiar face in the industry).

Now Arjun wants to open a food center for old age and poor people, and is working upon to give it back to the society. "Winning was the only option because i had nothing to lose," he said.

His message for aspiring entrepreneurs is, "There will be ups and downs in the business as well as in life. It's the exact time when your trust on self will be tested. Never ever let anything make you feel you cannot do it".

He now wants to do something for animals by opening a shelter for stray dogs and make their life better.