Julia Roberts was the biggest star of her times. By 23, she was one of Hollywood's biggest names with films like Pretty Woman to her credit. She was also in love with actor Kiefer Sutherland and set to marry him when all hell broke loose.

Taking inspiration from her onscreen role of Runaway Bride, Julia called off her wedding with Kiefer Sutherland just 72 hours before the ceremony. The reason was touted to be her feelings for another man, Jason Patric, who also happened to be Sutherland's best friend.

Julia had planned the wedding herself and even picked out $425 Manolo Blahnik shoes and an $8,000 custom made dress, but she never got to the day to actually wear it. There were reports that their functions were called off and "the staff at Dominick's restaurant, where Kiefer's bachelor party had been hastily cancelled, feasted on the cake that had been ordered for dessert. It was an exact replica of a 15-pound roast turkey. Kiefer has a thing for turkeys.'"

It was reported that Julia actually spent her wedding day eating burgers with Jason and soon flew to Ireland with him. She and Jason spent the first few months of their relationship trying to hide from the media. A staff member at their Dublin hotel stated, "She looked very drawn. She had lost a lot of weight. Her hair was a pale orange, like a dye job gone wrong."

But as faith would have it, the couple ended things soon enough. Julia went on to marry Lyle Lovett but the marriage was short-lived. She finally settled with her now-husband, Danny Moder and married him on July 4, 2002. The couple has three children together.

Sutherland also gave a statement in 2006 stating, "I commend Julia for seeing how young and silly we were, even at the last minute, even as painful and as difficult as it was. Thank God she saw it."