Out of the many things that got cancelled this year, the Met Gala was the most disheartening. The annual Gala that takes place in New York every year is always on point to surprise celebrities and fans with innovative themes and daring fashion face-offs.

But just when you thought that there will be no Met Gala pictures this year, things took a spin and Julia Roberts decided to give us a glimpse into her outfit for this year.

Julia Roberts
Julia RobertsReuters

'Here's me...not going to the Met Ball tonight'

The 52-year-old actress posted a picture of herself wearing a grand black and white floor-length gown. But before you jump the gun, she posted this from her home!

The 'Pretty Woman' actress can be seen standing atop her bathtub filled with bubbles. She also has a small glass in her hand. She kept her hair simple in a blown-out straight look. Roberts captioned the picture as, "Here's me...not going to the Met Ball tonight. #stayhome #yesyoustillhavetostayhome"

Tom Hanks' wife and Covid-19 survivor, Rita Wilson, was quick to comment on her picture. Wilson said, "My Met Ball outfit this year is a lovely sweatsuit with divine fuzzy slippers."

Julia Roberts has been quarantining with her husband and dogs. In fact, she was also recently spotted walking her dogs in a blue jumpsuit.

The Met Gala was cancelled keeping in view the current stipulations of social distancing and lockdowns. On the occasion of the Gala, many celebrities have taken to their social media accounts to share throwback pictures of their best looks from the event.

Met Gala Official Instagram

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have been some common guests at the gala who posted many of their iconic looks in their Instagram stories.

Looks like this year, we will have to make do with throwback pictures. Here's hoping that next year will show us some daring fashion choices yet again.