Sixth sense
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Remember the Final Destination movies and how the protagonists in them used to have premonitions about accidents before they actually happened? A woman who goes by the name YellowSunshine has claimed the exact same thing has happened to her.

The woman wrote in a conspiracy website called the Unexplained Mysteries about her experiences with extrasensory perception (ESP).

ESP, which is also known as a sixth sense or second sight, can be defined as the ability to receive information about objects or events with the mind and not physical senses.

The first time she became aware of her ESP was when she had a strong gut feeling that her partner was cheating on her, she said. She described the feeling as a gut-wrenching pain in her heart. It was apparently triggered when her ex went out for a few hours one day.

"It felt as if I was stabbed in the chest, I called him immediately and demanded to know if he was cheating on me. I had no prior knowledge of any cheating, I didn't think he was a cheater but he admitted it on the spot," she said, according to The Express.

At this point in time, she didn't know what was going on with her and she reportedly became aware of her "special abilities" only after a dream she had two days later.

She said she dreamt of a small white car getting into an accident with another car. She said she saw the white car colliding with another car's rear side and sustaining great damage.

"It was hazy as to where it was, it seemed like it was a back road maybe, somewhere with little traffic. I mentioned to my mom just to be careful driving because I was spooked by the dream (neither of us have white cars)," she said, according to the website.

Two days later the woman got a call from her mother who she said gave her the shock of her life. She said: "Two days later my mom calls me to tell me her best friend's daughter got into an accident in her work's parking lot, she drives a white small car and rear-ended another causing extensive damage."

The debate on the existence of a sixth sense has been going on for decades now. Research by a vision scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia says the sixth sense can simply be the changes that people can see but cannot articulate. "People can sense things that they believe they cannot see... But this isn't anything magical or a sixth sense; this can be explained in terms of known visual processing," said Piers Howe in a study.

Another study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says "sixth sense" can be defined as awareness of one's body in space and it is controlled by a gene called PIEZO2, which is responsible for controlling specific aspects of human touch and proprioception.