The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kandi Buruss-Tucker and Todd Tucker during their luxurious vacation on the snowy slopes of Colorado.Video/Screen Shot

Bravo TV reality series "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" will focus on Kandi Buruss-Tucker, Todd Tucker, and their families in its three-part spinoff, titled "Kandi's Ski Trip", which is set to premiere on Sunday, 17 May, at 8 pm.

After the wedding, the celebs did not get much time to spend with each other and their families as they were busy filming their shows. So, the couple planned a special get-together to bring their families under one roof.

"We wanted to do this special because we felt there was a undeniable need to mend broken relationships and to continue blending our families, especially since my mother's passing. We've never had Kandi and my family under the same roof so it was an interesting experiment with lots of unexpected moments," Todd said, E!Online reports.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis of the sequel states that the couple has decided to take a luxurious vacation to spend some quality time with their families on the snowy slopes of Colorado. Coming off of a roller coaster of emotions, a family ski trip seems like the perfect way to mend broken relationships and blend the two families together more.

However, the Atlanta moguls will encounter several challenges as they take on the slopes and it becomes clear that not everyone is keen on playing in a winter wonderland of snow. While Todd finds it difficult to impress his wife's aunts, Kandi fails to impress her in-laws.

The trailers of "Kandi's Ski Trip" show the clash between the two families and take viewers through several emotional scenes, which indicate that the trip could turn out to be worse than the couple imagined. The sneak peek video also focuses on Todd's assistant Matthew's efforts to unite the families and the harsh response he receives during the process.

So, it remains to be seen whether the celebrity couple will be able to unite their families or not. To know more about "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" spinoff "Kandi's Ski Trip", tune in to Bravo TV this Sunday, 17 May, at 8 pm.