Ravi Dubey

The heartthrob of telly town, Ravi Dubey has made girls go weak in their knees with has a charming smile and on-screen charisma. The multifaceted persona is not just a prolific actor but also a producer, anchor, writer, doting husband.

A few days ago, Ravi penned a soul-stirring poem Aankde and released it as a podcast on various platforms. The poem is garnering a humongous response from one and all.

In an exclusive freewheeling chat with IBTimes, Ravi Dubey spoke at length about his newly penned poem, why he regrets being an engineer and the secret to his long-lasting relationship and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about your poem Aankde?

'Aankde' is essentially about the ongoing number game that the industry is obsessed with. In fact, their relentless obsession with making a good project bad on the basis of the number and a bad project good if the numbers are high.

How has your journey been in the industry so far?

I can't sum up the journey, as it's still going on. There is a take-back from everything and every project that I have been part of. There has been a seldom solitary take back from every person that I have met, be it successful or non-successful person. There is something to learn from everyone. I am a product of television, and it embraces without prejudices. It has always given opportunities to talent and outsiders. 

Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta

On outsiders and nepotism debate!

I will share a story with you. I am also an engineer and have done engineering in electronics and communication. And I personally think I wish back then I could have aligned the choices of my career with the skillsets that I have today.  I would not have wasted four years of my life doing something that I am not pursuing now. I feel it to be my individual loss and this dent will stay with me forever. Agar chaar saal hote toh kahani alag hoti (If I had those four years, I would have polished my skillset further). I blocked an engineering student's seat. I feel that he would have given a good life to his family and himself and maybe because of me, he lost it. I took away the seat of an engineer. I still regret that I have exhausted someone's seat. Koi aur hota toh woh ek behtar engineer ban sakta tha, electronics and telecom engineer. Meine pass kari aur almari mein daal di. Na mere kisi kaam ki rahi. (Someone else would have been a better engineer, I have simply kept my engineering degree in my self and it's of no use to me now). So the idea behind the story is we always have the ability to decipher's someone's skill set.

 I and Sargun have a  production house, we always take people who are skilled and have the aptitude to understand what they want to do. If he/she isn't a college pass out but knows his/her work we happily take them. What we (Sargun and me) believe is we (all of us) are all tailormade for one thing and we should be doing that.

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey

The secret to  a long-lasting relationship 

The intention is not to last long. The intention is to stay eternal. In society, there are a lot of checkboxes and parameters for a relationship, marriage ka sanity and marriage ko undermine kar diya hai (the society has taken the sanity of the relationship away). If the checkbox aren't met they say the relationship is toxic and beyond repair. When two different people come together and form a relationship they have a different mindset and are bound to think differently. Same thinking hoti toh bhai behen hote na, pati patnai hote. (If we had the same upbringing and thinking we would have been brother- sister and not husband-wife).

In every relationship, respect is important. When you at the final leg of your life what is left? Not the same ambition that you had when you met your partner for the first time, nor the charm, nor the physical attraction. What sustains is the companionship and the fact that you love spending time with each other.

Any update on Jamai raja's next season?

 No, not yet that you need to ask the makers.

Ravi Dubey and Sargun mehta

 What are your upcoming projects?

Well, I can't announce anything as of now. I can just say that I am itching to get back on the sets, I miss the hustle-bustle and cut-to-cut working hours.