Raveena Tandon is making waves after her debut into the digital streaming space with Aranyak. The Shool actress has been receiving warm applause and acclaim for her portrayal of a cop named – Kasturi Dogra. However, it's not the only space she wants to remain confined in.

In a latest interview, Raveena has dropped a bomb saying that there is a possibility of her joining politics too.

Raveena Tandon
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On being asked about why haven't you thought of entering politics, Raveena said, "Never say never." She added, "There was a point I was seriously contemplating. I have been offered seats pan India- West Bengal, Punjab Mumbai, but unfortunately, I had to say no at that time because to a certain extent I was not ready. I have not really been impressed by any political party to such an extent that they have an ideology I can blindly follow."

Raveena Tandon

The possibility of joining politics

"I disagree with so many things, sometimes I am afraid because of these disagreements, I might not be able to tow the line. And if I don't tow the line, I would probably be silenced, not in a sinister way. But if I feel I am ready to bear the brunt of it all and go out there to really make a difference, I might say yes. I don't want to say no now and eat my words later," Raveena further told HT.

Raveena Tandon has also revealed that Aranyak is all set to go for a second season owing to the response the show received. She added that the makers didn't want to go ahead with season 2 just because they had to, but the second season is in progress. She confirmed that the show would be back with the second season.