South Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna revealed that she had once climbed a mango tree during her childhood. The owner of the house saw her stealing mango and chased her along with her friends.

Rashmika Mandanna interacted with her fans on Twitter. She tweeted, "Hey heyyyy, So a lot of you have been asking for an "Ask Rashmika" session on Twitter, well that's a surprise now. Let's dooo it Raising handsGrinning face with smiling eyes But disclaimer - this is #UntoldRashmika Monkey, soo no work or who's your fav questions.. Ask me something about me and only me you'll know."

Rashmika Mandanna
Rashmika MandannaTwitter

A fan asked her to reveal a funny incident during her childhood. Rashmika Mandanna replied, "Ones my friends and I were walking to our tuition and we saw one mango tree -I climbed the tree- got caught- and that house aunty came out running with one stick. This is one common story but you should've seen that aunty running behind us - scolding us and all. Face with tears of joy."

Tarun Chandra, "What is the first movie you watched in theatre?" In reply to him, Rashmika Mandanna said that Gilli was the first movie she watched in theatres. The actress tweeted, "Gilli I think. My dad took me. Monkey I don't know you should ask him- He was a hugggeee movie buff back in the day. Now when I am an actor he's not."

Rashmika Mandanna

Shahnawaz Khan asked, "The last time your mum fed you with her hand? #UntoldRashmika" Rashmika Mandanna replied, "She cuts fruits everyday- I keep saying I don't want but when she feeds -I eat off without even realising. So maybe today."

Harish asked, "What's your favourite sport? And your favourite sport personality?" Rashmika Mandanna tweeted, "Sport? I like badminton cricket swimming I have a huge respect for all the sportsmen. Can't pick a name."