It is not just Mohit Raina who is making waves with Bhaukaal 2, Rashmi Rajput, who plays his wife in the series is grabbing equal headlines. Rashmi has won rave reviews for her role as Pooja Sikhera, wife of policeman Naveen Sikhera (played by Mohit Raina) in the show. The MX Player crime-thriller series directed by Jatin Wagle has emerged as one of the most popular shows on the streaming platforms this month.

Rashmi Rajput
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International Business Times got in touch with Rashmi Rajput to talk about the preparation she underwent to play the part, working with Mohit Raina, and more.

Was there any off-camera preparation you went through to understand the character better?

My character Pooja Sikhera is the wife of a police officer and to play it well, I made sure to understand the life of a police officer's wife. So I got in touch with as many people as I can to understand about their life and know about their experience, talk about how their daily life is. To be honest I have understood one thing: that the life of a policeman's wife is tougher than any one can imagine.

What makes you say that?

They are always worried about their husbands but they never show. To be a constant support in all situations requires anyone to be very strong-headed. A policeman's life is so tough- sometimes they have to be working 24 hours and sometimes more and still they don't have any complaints. At the same time, a policeman's wife makes sure that they can support their husband in the best way they can, and enjoy the best of the moments whenever they have time together. Hats off to both of them.

Rashmi Rajput
Rashmi RajputInstagram

Any real-life incident you took inspiration from?

I had one friend of mine who married an army officer and her husband passed away some years back. Every time I meet her, there is a smile on her face and I asked how she tackles everything single-handedly. I asked her how she remains happy all the time. To which she replied 'I always knew our life was going to be full of uncertainties but I promised to never lose hope. And that was the promise I made to my husband too. So be it any situation, my smile has not faded from my face'. This was the biggest inspiration for my character and if you see carefully, even my character always has a smile on the face.

How was the experience of working with Mohit Raina?

It was amazing shooting with Mohit and it was a wonderful opportunity. He is a very supportive actor and a wonderful co-star. It was great sharing the stage with him and would surely like to work with him in the future. The vibe on the sets was amazing and it was a very positive atmosphere. So it was fun shooting this one.