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Actress Rashmi Gautam requested her Twitter followers not to colour animals on the occasion of Holi festival. But some of her fans went on to argue with her and called her "anti-Hindu".

March 21 happens to be Holi and Rashmi Gautam‏ took to Twitter to wish her fans. The actress shared a photo featuring a dog and a poem on its fear of playing this festival. She cautioned, "Let's be a little thoughtful about them #SafeHoli #HappyHoli2019"

While many of her fans were impressed with her concern and kindness for the animal, some, who seemed to be upset, resorted to counter her. They said that she is trying to stop Hindus from celebrating Holi and Diwali with the pretext of harm to animals. 

A fan with Twitter handle @DeadpoolSr1 wrote, "Do u comment same during Eid When dozens of animals r slaughtered for no good reason Or u care for animals during holi and Diwali Pls just asking rest is ur wish." In reply, Rashmi Gautam‏ wrote, "Emotions are the same at that given point too But who can question religion???"

Srivatsava Sesham‏ asked her, "Nah nah don't go around bushes, you are happily virtue signaling Hindus on hindu festivals, when this guy asked about bakrid you give lame excuse? Why that emotion didn't come out when animals slaughtered until their blood drains out? How can it be same emotion then?"

In reply, Rashmi Gautam‏ said that being a Hindu, she can comment on a Hindu festival. But she can not do with other religious practices. She tweeted, "Off course I feel bad but how can I questions some ones religious views I cud have if I were from the same religion may be then it wud have validated Or else it becomes less of an animal slaughter issue and more of a religious issue."

Srivatsava Sesham‏ tweeted, "Hmm ya Hindus needs to be careful of inconvenience but killing them is culture. Ok. Got it." In reply, Rashmi Gautam‏ tweeted, "Hindus too have been part of animal slaughter and Bali's It took immense effort and many petitions to stop GADHIMA FESTIVAL And still many practice animal BALI."

Rashmi Gautam‏ added, "Extremely disappointed A post about practicing safe holi where all one has to do is not put colours on animals cause they don't have a bathroom to shower or walk into a hospital for any skin issue Can turn into a religious issue Clearly shows how irrelevant our lives our."

Another follower opined that Rashmi Gautam‏ should continue to preach this on the festivals of other religion. Abhishek Chowdary‏ tweeted, "Yes madam you are correct and no one can question on safe holi. But we are expecting the same awareness campaign during some festivals in which animals are killed very cruelly."

Rashmi Gautam‏ replied, "Today I'm presumed as ANTI HINDU when I'll raise awareness on a bakrid I'll be declared ANTI MUSLIM Bottom line no one cares about inhumane practices towards animals all they care about is which religion tat human or practice belongs to We are still divided hence we remain weak."

Rashmi Gautam wrote, "Am I wrong for asking not to colour animals on Holi cause all I asked was for that" She added, "Strays don't have bathrooms or access to vets easily so kindly avoid playing holi with animals sadly I found a poster online with dogs and puppies on it but this applies to all animals out there #showsomelove #happyholi #SafeHoli."