Rashmi Gautam
Rashmi Gautam

Actress Rashmi Gautam has responded to the controversy surrounding Anasuya Bharadwaj breaking a fan's phone and revealed a shocking story of how fans chased her for a selfie.

Some Twitter followers of Rashmi Gautam requested her to speak for Anasuya Bharadwaj as she is a close friend of the latter and advise her on how to behave in public. She took to her Twitter handle on Wednesday afternoon to respond to them. Meanwhile, she narrated how she was chased by fans for a selfie.

In a series of tweets, Rashmi Gautam said that she was chased by four boys on their bikes, while she was returning home after a shoot. Fortunately, some cops came to her rescue.

 Here's what she tweeted:

"Ok so in wake of this situation i wud like 2 share an incident with u all So 1 day as usual after my shoot i was heading home and a bunch of 4 guys on 2 bikes at nite midnight decided to follow me as they obviously assumed that its cool to do so

My driver tried his best to get away but seems like these guys were jobless and on an agenda finally when my apt was closer and these guys were still tailing me i decided to confront them

So i stop my car and confront these two young boys who are prolly in there college and you know what they say "GIVR US A SELFIE AND WE WILL GO" it was alomost like a command

And to my good luck i had a police van patroling nearby and they came to my help and asked me if there was an issue and there i was with a choice to make

Should i let the cops take care of these guys or if i should give them another chance and let go of matters at my own risk Thaks to the patroling department who safley escorted me home and advised me to note the num of the car or bike and call 100

If something like this had to happen ever again

"But the point here being i took the risk in that case and i let go of those guys on the spot Im sure u all can imagine what cud have happed if i had handed them over to the cops They were young boys and i did not want to ruin there lives

"And this has not been the 1st time many times after events we have carzy people who follow us rashly on there bikes so rash that they risk there own lives god has been kind that no accident has happend till date but wat if it had to who would be blamed

"What if those guys who followed me on the bike thought oh rashmi got scared we can follow her again And this time she will do what we ask her to

There are tons of such senarios we go thru not just cause we are on screen people even regular people go thru this We make choices every day We all have the rite to our privacy.

And since every one is saying anu is your frind advise her and all that YES SHE IS A DEAR FRIEND AND I KNOW HER
so im telling u this between the both of us im the most rude one and i absolutely do not encourage selfies she is infact the one who always is extra sweet to them

She was at her mothers place picking her kids up she herself is a mother of two and there is no way she wud have pulled a phone from a kids hand and im telling this becasue she is FRIEND and all those people wanting me to give her ADVISE FYI i know het BETTER [SIC]