Anjani Kumar Sahay was recently appointed as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Mali. Upon his new appointment, the Indian diplomat shared a brief video, which gives a rare peek into the life of a diplomat.

As anyone can imagine, unpacking things and setting up in a new residence can be a tiresome task. Even a diplomat doesn't escape from that ordeal. But Sahay has a positive outlook on his transfer and looks at the ordeal of setting up in his new residence as an opportunity to create a "home", make new friends and grow together.

The video shared by Sahay shows a truck unloading the belongings of the diplomat at his new residence.  He writes, "An integral part of Diplomat's life. Our household effects from New York reached Bamako, after 85 days. We'll again convert our 'house' into a welcoming 'home'. We'll again forget the 'transience' of tenure. We'll again find new friends & grow together till.... JAI HIND."

Amb. of Mali to India & Amb. of India to Mali
Amb. of Mali to India & Amb. of India to MaliTwitter/Anjani Kumar Sahay

Who is Anjani Kumar Sahay?

Sahay of the IFS batch 2003, born and raised in Ranchi. His passion for travelling and photography did not take a backseat after he joined IFS. In fact, it bolstered his love for both hobbies.

Sahay also has his YouTube channel called "The World is One," which gives a virtual tour to different parts of the world. The Indian diplomat has posted hundreds of videos from different cities around the world, including Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cuba, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Amb. of India to Mali Anjani Kumar Sahay
Amb. of India to Mali Anjani Kumar SahayTwitter/Anjani Kumar Sahay

Sahay's passion for travelling came from his father as he used to take him places in India. "I relished those journeys even though the opportunities were limited as Papa could not take me to all the places he went," Sahay had said in an interview earlier.