Bigg Boss OTT fame Uorfi Javed is known for her bold outfits, the actress never shies away from her topless and semi-nude sharing videos and pictures from her photoshoot. She often grabs attention for her sartorial choice especially when she is spotted in public. Be it rope, hair braids, bandages, flowers, petals, mobile phones or any day-to-day object, the actress finds innovative ways of covering her modesty. The internet sensation is often on the receiving end of trolls, and numerous FIR has been registered against her. Hoover, the sensation often claps back at the trollers and continues to slay in her skin.

uorfi javed

Uorfi goes topless once again

Recently, the actress posed semi-nude on her Instagram profile.

The actress once again ditched clothes, and this time she covered her modesty with a long braid wrapped around her body. The starlet also just chose to wear just black lingerie and captioned her post, 'I like what I see'.

Some loved Uorfi in her bold avatar while a section of netizens trolled her massively.

A user said, "Rapunzel in 2023 ...."

Another one mentioned, "Aay whatever, but she slay every time.."

Nudity Row: Uorfi Javed and BJP leader Chitra Wagh feud

uorfi javed

In a recent interview, Uorfi Javed lashed out at those filing complaints against her and mentioned that she feels unsafe. Uorfi had recently sought security from the Maharashtra State Commission for Women and was talking in the context of politician Chitra Wagh's complaint against her.

"There are big political leaders who want to take things into their own hands. If they think something is illegal, then they should go to the police or court, but people here want to take law into their own hands by threatening me publically and saying that they will hit me. That's why I feel unsafe and I'm left with no other option. It's not some regular person threatening me, but a politician who has the power to influence many people. Many people follow them, and in that way, they can influence people to hit me. This isn't right," Uorfi told E-times.