Sofia Ashraf
Sofia Ashraf in the video 'Any Good News?'PR Handout

Rapper Sofia Ashraf, who made headlines last year with her 'Kodaikanal Won't' video, is now back with another zany one. Her latest video in association with Culture Machine's channel 'Blush' is about – wait for it – 'Good News'!

A question that most married women face from their mothers-in-law is and mothers is when they can expect to be grandmothers. And how do they ask them if they are pregnant? "Any good news?" Sofia has now created a satirical video of this talk of pregnancy between a mother and her daughter.

In the video, daughter Sofie starts off with the usual banter about good hair and being acne-free. And then the talk moves on to her career and education. Despite her success, the mother does not seem to be too impressed with this. Sofie then moves onto talk about world problems like the Syrian Refugee crisis and unified theory. But the mother still does not think she's doing anything brilliant. Pregnancy however is what the mother thinks is the highest of achievements!

Rapper Sofia Ashraf explains, "Any Good News is a question that plagues any married woman's life. It's sad that no matter what we achieve, we are considered to have purpose only when we 'pop one out'. I'm hoping moms and daughters can sit and have a laugh about this silly conundrum and realise how ridiculous this mindset is. My mom and I did. She loved the video. Her reaction? "So, mole. Any Good News?"

The aim of the video is to change the perception of parents and make them realise that there's more to life success than just pregnancy.

Sofia is not just a rapper and singer but also an activist. She has a tongue-in-cheek humour and is able to showcase the mundane things in life in a highly comical way.