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Lifetime's freshman reality show "The Rap Game" had become unbelievably popular in a short amount of time, and its renewal plan was a no-brainer for the studio. Premiere Date TV reports that "The Rap Game" Season 2 will premiere in the summer of 2016.

The reality show, which hunted for and showcased the best child rappers in the U.S, featured Lil Poopy, Lil Niqo, Supa Peach, Young Lyric and Miss Mulatto as competitors in Season 1. The five kids improved on different facets of their talent, including stage presence, attitude and audience interaction under the tutelage of American record producer Jermaine Dupri and his insanely popular rapper friends like Usher and Silentó. 

Following eight episodes' worth of competitions and hard work, Mulatto was named the winner of "The Rap Game." She has also been signed on to Dupri's So So Def recording label and is already working on her single "No More Talking." The 17-year-old will be releasing her EP "Broken Record Player" soon after the single.

Fans may also get to see a song featuring Niqo, a fan-favourite from the show, in the EP. "I can't wait to do a song with Lil Niqo. We've worked together before the show, so we have a different chemistry than all the other kids. He writes as well, so I know in the studio we would vibe really good together and easily make a hit," Mulatto told International Business Times, India earlier this month.

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Meanwhile, the hunt for young artistes that hope to repeat Mulatto's history is on. Considering the earlier season had featured kids who were already known as performers in the social media, "The Rap Game" hopefuls have been posting their music and sharing it on social media hoping Dupri or someone else from the show will take a look.