The drama-filled Season 6 of "Love and Hip Hop: New York" ended with episode 12 "Love Conquers All," which featured the wedding of show's most popular couple RemyMa and Papoose. They were clearly waiting to get the formality over with, because Remy is already pregnant and will announce it at the "Reunion" episode.

The "Reunion" is in fact going to be a get together for pregnant women, because Peter Gunz's ex-girlfriend Tara Wallace and wife Amina Buddafly are also pregnant. As fans know, Tara has already given birth to her third child with Peter, a boy named Gunner. However, during the taping of the reunion she was still pregnant and will be seen with a baby bump.

DJ Self's sidechick Rose is also said to have gotten pregnant during the taping of the show's main episodes. However, she got an abortion later and it is not known if she was present at the "Reunion" and if she was pregnant at the time.

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Besides the mothers-to-be and their drama, fans will also get to see a few catfights during the "Reunion." MariahLynn, who will forever be known as the woman that messed with the creep squad, will start a fight with the Bad B-----s on the Deck. As fans know, the "Once Upon a Time" rapper has had a problem with the duo since day one.

She has sought the help of her friends Cardi B and Young B to get back at Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money many times in the past. At the "Reunion" too Cardi B will come to her defence with full force even though the usually mellow Young B will keep out of the fight as much as possible.

In the promo for "Reunion," Mariah says that the ladies of BBOD tried to pick on her saying she was small and there was no way she would stand for that. 

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