Kangana Ranaut has been making sensational comments for quite some time now. Her remarks and bold claims have largely met with negative comments. In fact, she has rubbed many big names of Bollywood the wrong way.

Kangana and Ranvir
Kangana and Ranvir.Instagram

Now, actor Ranvir Shorey has admitted that Kangana makes sensational comments but questioned the intentions behind silencing her voice. "Both things, like, why are people trying to shut her up? This is not something new, even though she says a lot of sensational things for the effect more than the content. But my point is, it is not new. It is a thing. Actors and actresses say sensational things. Why has it become the national talking point? Why has it moved to headlines and the front page? That was one thing," he is quoted as saying in an interview.

Ranvir questioned why the privileged class in Bollywood have been trying to give a picture to the public that everything is fine in the industry.

A few weeks ago, he had supported Kangana when she was slammed by Shiva Sena leader Sanjay Raut for using the unparliamentary word against her. "The language used here by this local Maharashtra politician for @KanganaTeam, the heartthrob of millions around the country, is utterly deplorable, whatever the provocation!," he wrote on Twitter.

Ranvir Shorey and Anurag Kashyap
Ranvir Shorey and Anurag Kashyap.PR Handout

Also, he had claimed that those defending Bollywood are either "gatekeepers" or the ones who are bootlicking them. He posted, "The ones who come out defending the muck in #Bollywood are either the 'gatekeepers', or the ones sucking up to them. If you don't like someone whistleblowing or using their freedom of expression, you're free to use your freedom of enabling. Don't see what the fuss is about,"