Kangana Ranaut
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Kangana Ranaut has been courting a lot of controversies lately. The actress has landed in one more case, as a criminal case was filed against her in Karnataka's JMFC court. This is following her tweets on the farmers' protests in the country.

The actress was flagged for calling protestors 'terrorists' in her tweet on September 20th.

Kangana courts legal trouble over tweet

On September 20th Kangana had taken to Twitter to speak about the protests against the controversial farm bills passed in the parliament. Farmers have been protesting these bills as they don't see it as benefitting them. 

The actress had written, "Prime Minister, if anyone's sleeping, they can be woken up, if someone doesn't understand, they can be explained, but what can be done when someone is acting to be asleep or doesn't want to understand? These are the same terrorists. Not one citizenship was lost due CAA, but they ended up spilling so much blood."

Now, a case has been filed against the actress in a Tumkur JMFC court in Karnataka. The case has been filed under sections — 44,108, 153, 153 A and 504 of the IPC. The complaint has also sought to register the case in this regard and the series of tweets by the actress. Her comments had also garnered ire from netizens who felt she was not only misinterpreting the issue but giving it an incorrect colour. 

The actress had followed that tweet by saying on September 21st, "Just as Shri Krishna had a Narayani army, Pappu also has a champu army that knows how to fight only on the basis of rumours, this is my original tweet if someone proves that I called farmers terrorists, I will apologize and leave Twitter forever."

Kangana Ranaut tweet

She also tweeted in response to an article that had called out her error, "People who spread misinformation and rumours about CAA that caused riots are the same people who are now spreading misinformations about Farmers bill and causing terror in the nation, they are terrorists. You very well know what I said but simply like to spread misinformation."