Unidentified Gunmen shot dead Brahmeshwar Singh, head of the banned Ranvir Sena, the upper-caste militia, in the northern Indian district of Bhojpur, Bihar on early Friday.

Singh was on a morning walk at Katira Mohalla near Nawada police station, 71 kilometers from Patna, when the gunmen approached and shot several bullets into him, killing him on the spot, police said.

When the news of his death spread, Sena supporters arrived at the site and shouted anti-government slogans. Sena supporters also tried to chase away policemen who arrived at the spot where Singh was killed.

A curfew has been imposed in Arrah in Bhojpur district after angry supporters protested Singh's killing. The supporters set two tankers and an auto on fire and attacked the circuit house, the BDO's office and the local railway station, IBN Live reported.

Heavy police force has been deployed at the scene and more police forces have been called from the nearby district to control the agitating mob, senior police officials informed News 24.

 Ranvir Sena was formed in 1992 and the forerunners were the Brahmarshi Sena and Kuer Sena, Kisan Morcha and Ganga Sena.

Singh was the chief of the Ranvir Sena, a right-wing upper-caste landlord militia, alleged to have carried out mass killings of lower caste people in Bhojpur district.

According to the police, Singh was accused of killing more than 200 lower caste people.

The organisation targeted poor people who were fighting against the feudal order and the upper caste authority over land and other resources. After each massacre the members of Ranvir Sena used to write their organisation's name in blood on the walls.   

"We kill children because they will grow up to become Naxalites. We kill women because they will give birth to Naxalites," Ranvir Sena commander once told Outlook India in 1997.

Singh had spent nine years in prison on various carnage cases and in May 2011 he was released on bail.