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IBTimes Rating: 3.5

Director Vishal Bhardwaj's Bollywood movie Rangoon starring Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut, hit screens on February 24 worldwide. The film deals with a love triangle during World War II. 

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Rangoon is a romantic war drama. Director Vishal Bhardwaj has written the story for the film in collaboration with Matthew Robbins and Sabrina Dhawan. Set during World War II, Rangoon deals with a love triangle between Julia (Kangana), Nawab Malik (Shahid) and Rustom "Rusi" Billimoria (Saif). Julia, who is an actress of that time, believes that if British rule ends, they won't be able to live the lavish life. Rusi is a filmmaker and is in head over heels in love with Julia. The film begins with their love story, but ends with Julia and Nawab's sacrifice for love. Rangoon movie stills


Rangoon is an intense love story during World War II and thus, the "desh bhakt" in you will rise. The Vishal Bharadwaj directorial shows a beautiful chemistry between Julia and Nawab. However, it does the match up to other movies by Vishal movies like Haider and Omkara. You might even be bored for some time before the interval, but the second half will keep you engaged. Also, like other Indian Independence war movies, many white men are often seen talking or trying hard to talk in Hindi. Overall, Rangoon is worth spending your money on. The movie not only shows a soldier's sacrifice for his country, but also for love. Shahid-Kangana-Saif's chemistry makes Rangoon worthy watch


Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut have played the lead roles in Rangoon and they have delivered brilliant performances. Richard McCabe and Satoru Kawaguchi have also done justice to their roles. Saif and Shahid have outshined the Queen actress with their brilliant performances. 


Sajid Nadiadwala, Vishal Bhardwaj and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures have bankrolled Rangoon and they have spent a whopping amount on its production. The movie has superb production values and Vishal Bhardwaj's music, Pankaj Kumar's cinematography and Aalaap Majgavkar's editing and choreography of war scenes make the film a visually stunning experience, say the viewers.

Rangoon movie review by audience:

Rangoon has received mixed reviews from the film goers. We bring you the some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the Rangoon movie review by audience:


Watched #Rangoon this epic love saga will make u love laugh n cry.The performances are brilliant.#kangana you are the queen of acting

Archana Pania‏@Archanaapania

Thank U4swelling our hearts with the desh bhakti & making us swoon to the power of love&romance @shahidkapoor #KanganaRanaut #Vishalbhardwaj what i love about #Vishalbhardwaj films is the lighting, dark, yet so spectacularly rich in the hue's it highlingting! #rangoon beauty music ofcourse makes me want to stand up in the cinema hall&dance away!!Seeing u @SunidhiChauhan5 was so elating!!! kya gaya hai #bloodyhell the characters ALL of them look sooooo integral to the film U dont forget a face expression, dialogue LOOk #Rangoon #vishalbhardhwaj "Nawab" saahab @shahidkapoor had ur name but as billimoria you are were willbe every bit royal @SaifOnline so so so aristocratic! Class the passion between #KanganaRanaut & @shahidkapoor is just ssoooooooo tangible! like u r feeling all that they are and more! #rangoon tabahi

Mr. Fearless‏@fearlessneeraj

Its intermission and you have already stolen the show man. Your best till date @shahidkapoor. Perfect bday treat for audience. #Rangoon

Aavishkar Gawande‏ @imaavi

Its interval .... #Rangoon Screening ! Really liked the first half. @shahidkapoor is rocking here. Kangna and Saif r insoiring #Rangoon has a riveting plot , bravura performances and interesting Screenplay. Film will b loved by Classes. 3.5*/5 #Rangoon has its heart in right place. Positives : Direction, Screenplay, Performances ,The plot.

Aabir Lahiry‏@AabirTheChatBox

Beautiful Cinematography, Calm + Peppy Music, Luvd @shahidkapoor In This Rugged Look. Ths Version of National Anthem Is Goosebumpy #Rangoon


@shahidkapoor Sir #Rangoon No Words to describe your action Spectualour Performance PowerPack Action Songs Super

Vijay Varma‏@MrVijayVarma

#Rangoon is devastatingly beautiful. brooding romance in most unlikely conditions.Trademark Vishal Bharadwaj -Music, frames n charecters. @linlaish what a delicate understated performance! Loved your story with @shahidkapoor. Sublime #Rangoon

Roshan Goswami‏@iRoshanGoswami

#Rangoon Review :- no any major negative points in this movie. Its definitely turn out to be a sure shot winner. 4**** @shahidkapoor #SaifAliKhan did award winning performance in #Rangoon. Awsome film. Go and watch this great one. ThumbsUp

Raja Sen ‏@RajaSen

#Rangoon is Vishal Bhardwaj at his most Inglourious. Top work from Shahid and Kangana, and phenomenal cinematography by Pankaj Kumar.

Umair Sandhu‏@sandhumerry

Saw #Rangoon at UAE Censor Board Office ! Top Class Love Triangle with Terrific Performances by @shahidkapoor #KanganaRanaut #SaifAliKhan A Well Made film in all Respects. 3.5*/5* ! @shahidkapoor ROCKED !!

Aalim Hakim facebook/aalim.hk

Saw the preview of movie RANGOON last night...A beautiful film with superlative performances by Kangana, Saif & Shahid Kapoor...Shahid has outdone himself...Vishal Bhardwaj's beautiful execution has so much novelty that you fall in love with this vintage drama set in the backdrop of World War 2...Cinematography is stunning ...Kangana as usual is superb...A must watch for all ❤️

Shobha Sant‏@ShobhaIyerSant

Loved #NawabMalik @shahidkapoor #MissJulia #RusiBilimoria The key characters live on... #VishalBharadwaj #RangoonScreening Superb ease with which u carried #NawabMalik ❤ @shahidkapoor Must Watch everyone @RangoonTheFilm

Amul Vikas MohanVerified account‏@amul_mohan

#Rangoon has some of the most brilliant performances I've seen on the silver screen... bravo @shahidkapoor #KanganaRanaut and #SaifAliKhan

Prashant Singh‏@SinghhPrashant

Bloody hell, it's sublime! Rangoon! #KanganaRanaut slays it with pitch-perfect work, @shahidkapoor stuns with a nuanced, powerful job!1/2 #SaifAliKhan is in top form & #VishalBhardwaj steers the ship like a master with #SajidNadiadwala! Fab! @shahidkapoor2/2 @WardaNadiadwala Wow! He's on a roll! With Nawab Malik, @shahidkapoor hits the ball out of the park & sets the bar so high again! Fantastic bro! #Rangoon!

Gaurav Kochhar‏@gaurav_jurist

Just watched #Rangoon .. What a fabulous movie .. It's @shahidkapoor 's best film what a powerful performance he just killed it bravo

Priya Gupta ‏@priyagupta999

Just watched #Rangoon and Bloody Hell #KanganaRanaut looks stunning & is just terrific as Miss Julia. A Best Actor Nominee for sure!!! #Rangoon is so beautifully shot by #PankajKumar. My award goes to him right away. Respect your passion for filmmaking #VishalBhardwaj.

Awais ali‏@MRplanner1

#Rangoon movie @shahidkapoor gives yet another brilliant performance after haider kangana was good ! #Rangoon brilliant movie well written will fail on box office but will get thumzup by critics

Abhishek yadav‏@pacinonicole

Don't know whom to praise for #Rangoon so All the credit goes to #VishalBhardwaj & Dop Pankaj @NGEMovies @shahidkapoor

Shivangi Thakur‏@thakur_shivangi

#Rangoon is Vishal Bhardwaj's one of the best Creation. Kudos to the whole Team. @SaifOnline @shahidkapoor @rekha_bhardwaj @SpiceSocial1

Aakanksha Jain‏@Aashi1606

#Rangoon. @shahidkapoor, this is your golden period as an actor. Here's to many more stellar performances. Good luck for India release ❤ #Rangoon required patience. Enjoyed most part of the film, despite it being rather slow. However, the ending, was a little too dramatic. As heart-breaking as it is to write this, but #Rangoon's weakest area was probably- direction. @shahidkapoor, #Kangana, #Saif were on point! #Rangoon: Richard McCabe who plays David Harding in the movie, is impeccable. Was such a treat to watch him!

Aanchal Saxena‏@Aaanchoo

#Rangoon isn't only long but painful.Some great performances bt overall fails.Promise of a heart-wrenching period drama was a farce. 2.5/5

Shankar Raj‏@shanksnews

#Rangoon review: Kangana tries her best 2 save Vishal Bhardwaj's flick, but oddly written characters don't let it become engaging

Rahul krishna‏@Rahulmovfanatic

Watching #Rangoon. Interval. what a terrific movies far. #kangnaranaut in top form.

Here is the trailer of the movie Rangoon. Take a look at it, if you have not watched it yet: