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Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen Kumar's film "Rang Rasiya" is a drama film, which is based on the life of painter and artist Raja Ravi Varma. The film, which is helmed by Ketan Mehta, has received rave reviews from critics and Bollywood celebrities.

Most of the critics have given four stars for the film calling it one of the most beautiful and powerful films. The film has landed in controversy after the great granddaughter of Ravi Varma, Indira Devi Kunjamma, filed a petition against the movie to ban the release of the film.

Kunjamma in her petition said that the movie portrays her great grandfather as a "playboy". But this is not the first time Mehta's film has landed in trouble. Mehta has earlier faced backlash for his film "Mangal Pandey: The Rising".

But the director responded saying that "Rang Rasiya" is not based on a real life story. The court asked Mehta to add a disclaimer in the credit roll, saying that the film is not based on the real life of Ravi Varma.

The film will now hit the screens on Friday along with "The Shaukeens".

Check the critics and Bollywood celebs' reviews below:

Mahesh Bhatt: Ketan 's Rang Rasiya dares to take on the forces which try to cage the human spirit. A masterpiece! @RandeepHooda @nandanadevsen @ketanmaya

Mohar Basu of Koimoi.com said: "Rang Rasiya is more courageous than bold, more sensitive in its narrative than preachy or aggressive and more relevant than any one of his recent films.

"This is one Ketan's most effortless, most nuanced and most impactful works and definitely one of recent times' most powerful and moving films, I had the good fortune of watching."

Koel Purie of India Today said: "Ketan, I am glad you are out of your circumstantial hibernation because you still tell a story more beautifully than most, but, this is not one of your best."

Srijana Mitra Das of The Times of India said: "Rang Rasiya portrays Varma as India's first cultural rock-star, adored, attacked, commercial, inspired, excited and challenged by a new consciousness he sees - and shapes. Vitally, Rang Rasiya emphasizes Raja Ravi Varma's commitment to the freedom of ideas which creates philosophy, science and liberated love, ephemeral, yet lasting - like the pages of his calendars."

Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times said: "Rang Rasiya is much more than just a period film. It's a statement on behalf of people who reject intolerance and are continuously striving for a new India which will give space to free voice. It's a piece of art."

Bollywood Hungama News Network said: "On the whole, RANG RASIYA is for the artistic and creative people who believe in freedom of expression but it surely won't woo the janta who are looking for entertainment and a getaway this weekend."