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An American high school student was arrested after he attempted to RKO, which is a famous wrestling move, his principal. The name of the said student is Gianny Sosa and he is a student based out of Florida. 

Sosa appeared before a Miami court earlier this week for attempting hit his principal with WWE wrestler Randy Orton's signature finishing move, RKO. According to a report in Metro, the incident happened at Miami Southridge Senior High School and the principal of the school, Humberto Miret, was identified as the intended victim. 

A video on Twitter reveals the student attempting the finishing move on his teacher and before trying to do so, he called out the move saying "RKO". But the teacher intercepted the move and did not allow his student to RKO him out of nowhere. The video also shows the student claiming that the teacher tried to hit him but now that he is recording, the teacher is backing off. The teacher, on his part, was asking the student to stop recording the video. 

"Sosa is charged with battery on a school employee and interfering with an educational institution," reads a report on CBS4

Meanwhile, the student's brother and sister claimed that it was merely a joke and Gianny Sosa is not a violent person. "It feels like he's being charged with something he does not deserve. My brother is a nice guy and all he wanted was play around and make people feel happy about themselves," brother Mike Sosa said. 

"My brother is not the type of guy who goes out like this and is not a thug on the streets. He grabs my brother in a headlock and punches him in the head," added Mike Sosa. Gianny Sosa's sister, Camila Sosa said, "This could not have been violent move. I mean he weighs 135 pounds and there is no way he could have done this sort of move you see on WWE."

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Randy Orton.Wikimedia Commons

RKO is one of the most famous signature moves in WWE at the moment. Randy Orton made the move famous and whenever he dishes it out to his opponents, the crowd becomes delirious. The sheer visual spectacle of the move makes it extremely appealing. The move involves the attacker grabbing the intended victim around the neck in mid-air and driving him into the ring floor head first, while himself landing on his back. 

There have been various instances of Randy Orton pulling out the RKO from a seemingly improbable situation. There have been times he has applied the finishing move on wrestlers jumping towards him from the top rope and at other times, he has suddenly leapt up from the ground to hit his opponent with the deadly move. 

The move was perhaps named RKO as an acronym for Orton's full name which is Randal Keith Orton.