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Ranbir Kapoor is one star in Bollywood who has never tried to hide anything about the happenings in his personal life, neither from his huge fan base nor the media. From falling prey to drugs to his break-up with Deepika Padukone to his rocky relationship with his parents - Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir has been honest to himself and to his fans who admire him so much.

After parting ways with Deepika, people had started believing that Ranbir cannot commit to a woman in his life unlike his parents who have always stood by each other in life. He was also being called as a casanova perhaps because of the role that he had portrayed in Bachna Ae Haseeno.

So when Ranbir was asked about this 'commitment phobia' after his break-up with Deepika and whether it bothered him when people started talking nasty things about him, he had just got carried away with emotions.

Time and again, the Rockstar actor had said that he can't express himself too well. But during that time, perhaps the guilt hit him and he just went on to reveal how he has been detached from his family and there was no one who he could share things with.

Speaking about his relationship and break-up with Deepika, Ranbir told Times Now in a 2011 interview, "It bothered me because of the hoo-ha made around it. Yes, I was in a relationship with an actress who was talked about a lot. You know, I had just started out and working with these glamorous actresses, I was friendly with them. My relationship with that actress didn't work out, we broke up. But I think we were mature enough to deal with it in a right way. There was no complexity in the situation (Raita Phailana)."

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone
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He continued, "I feel I have grown as a person. I have spent one and a half year with that person and that person has only added to my growth. I will cherish that experience with her because I have learned so much about life, commitment. You value commitment even more from these relationships. But I am not a commitment phobic. I have really just not met that person who I really want to settle down with."

And then came a point where Ranbir couldn't suppress his emotions any longer that had been growing inside him like a tree.

"It's not that I an actor and I will lose my stardom if my marrry. If I find a girl who deeply I am in love with, I really want to marry because I just feel this deep void inside me that I don't have anybody to share things with. Not even with my mom," he said.

Ranbir Kapoor, Soni Razdan, Neetu Kapoor, Alia Bhatt
Ranbir Kapoor, Soni Razdan, Neetu Kapoor, Alia BhattInstagram

He continued, "I don't know what happened and it's something which I am aware of it, I want to do something about it but me and my mother, for some reason, have grown a little bit apart, the connect what we had. She is one person who I love the most and I am sure she feels the same about me. But I have just been too detached. I don't know why."

"I am not expressing myself, hanging out with my friends, my parents, I am just too caught up with my work. It's not stardom because I am not enjoying it. I am aware of it and I feel very lonely. I need to connect with my parents, I need to share, I need to make them happy, I need to hear them out. But I am very concious about it and I want to do something about it."

Cut to present, Ranbir seems to be in a happy phase in his life and had been spending most of his time with both his parents and the love of his life, Alia Bhatt.