Rana Daggubati's recent statements on Sonam Kapoor have whipped up quite some storm. At an event, Rana spoke about Dulquer Salmaan's Bollywood film and slammed the 'heroine' of the film for her unprofessional behaviour. When netizens connected the dots to be Sonam Kapoor, Rana even apologised to the actress for all the negativity coming her way.

Rana Daggubati, Sonam Kapoor
Rana Daggubati, Sonam KapoorInstagram

Rana's apology

"I am genuinely troubled by the negativity that has been aimed at Sonam due to my comments, which are totally untrue and were meant entirely in a light-hearted manner. As friends, we often exchange playful banter, and I deeply regret that my words have been misinterpreted," he wrote on social media.

Rana went on to add, "I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt apologies to Sonam and Dulquer, both of whom I hold in great esteem. I hope this clarification puts an end to any speculation and misunderstanding. Thank you for your understanding."

Rana Daggubati, Sonam Kapoor
Rana Daggubati, Sonam KapoorInstagram

Sonam's reaction

While Rana sought apology from Sonam, the actress doesn't seem to be buying it. The Zoya Factor actress took to Instagram to share a quote post by Eleanor Roosevelt. It read, "Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss event, great minds discuss ideas." She went on to add, "Just a little something I'd like some people to know. Especially when discussing things about people that are made up."

The Zoya Factor
The Zoya FactorIMDb

What had Rana said?

"I feel excited about the trailer of this movie [King of Kotha], primarily because Dulquer Salman is working in an action film. He was my junior in film school. I however have to state that he is a very good guy. The producers of a Hindi movie he's working on are friends of mine. I won't mention the movie but I visited the sets. The heroine was on her phone, busy speaking to her husband who is apparently shopping for her in London. After that, she started speaking to me, then went on to forget her lines," Rana said at the promotional event of Dulquer Salmaan's King of Kotha.