Former Congress social media head and actress Ramya aka Divya Spandana has slammed the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for keeping Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan in its custody in connection with the Mumbai drug bust case and questioned the integrity of the investigating officers.

Aryan Khan and Ramya
Aryan Khan and Ramya.Divya Spandana Instagram

She has questioned why the son of a BJP minister is not arrested in the Lakhimpur Kheri violence while Aryan Khan despite not possessing or consuming drugs is made to spend time in NCB custody.

The Kannada actress, who was once the most sought after actress in Sandalwood, also pointed out the controversial selfie taken with Aryan Khan when he was in NCB custody.

Check out his series of questions shared on Instagram:

The NCB while seeking Aryan Khan's remand did not specify whether any drugs were found in his possession or were suspected to have been consumed by him.

Question is - The NCB arrests Aryan Khan for neither possession or consumpton of drugs just to question him and we have a BJP minister's son who has run over and killed 4 farmers and is still running scot-free- why isn't he arrested yet?! You also put people like Priyanka Gandhi in detention without order/notice just because she wants to meet the families of the farmers who were killed. This New India. Run by whims and fancies of people in power.

The NCB says the organisers were unapproachable therefore we need custody of the consumers - please note NCB has not specified any possession or consumption by Aryan Khan and yet he is in their custody. The NCB knows the organisers, the NCB can easily get a warrant and take them into questioning why hasn't that been done yet? WhatsAPP chats are not admissible in court as proof-and the so called '├žonfession' doing the rounds is not true because whatever is said to the NCB during questioning cannot be disclosed. If it is true then the NCB is breaking the law. Would the so called upright officers do that? Don't think so right?

They love to put out gossip like Deepika Padukone broke down multiple times'; Aryan Khan crised inconsolably just out of sheer sadism. During questiioning other than the ifficer no on else is around so does this go out to the media. Answers must be sought.

If Sameer Wankhede is an upright office the case would have been dealt differently. There are many officers who are doing their duty every single day and do it as per the law. It seems there is an ulterior motive-

While Aryan Khan was being brought to the NCB in the wee hours of the morning the media was already there this after the whole raid was supposedly done in secrecy.

Why how what was this individual at the NCB office in the wee hours of the morning?

A) Without a mask
B? Taking selfie?

NCB says this isn't their office
Has this man been booked for trespassing?

Divya Spandana
Divya Spandana asks tough questions.Divya Spandana Instagram Account

Last heard, this man is the Vice President of BJP some wing- why Sameer Wankhede JI>?
You're such a strict upright officer yeh kaise hua?

And where is Ashish Mishra who killed the farmers? Busy giving interviews to the media still not arrested why Amit Ji?

Correction- So this individual is a private detective- still does not give him the right to do what he did taking selfie's and circulating them online and I thought NCB was efficient enough to do their job - The other person is a BJP guy, why was he involved?