Ram-setu Bridge
Ram-setu Bridge connecting India and Sri LankaTwitter

The debate over the existence of the Ram Setu Bridge also called Adam's Bridge is back in the open. A promo of a show on the Discovery Communications-owned Science Channel in the US claims that the ancient Hindu mythological bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka does exist.

"Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are," the tweet reads.

The promo, which was shared on the Twitter page of Science Channel, quoting American archaeologists claim that stones are sitting on something oceanographers call a shore or the sandbar. The sandbar, which occurs in the area with shallow water, may be natural but what is sitting on top of it is not.

"This isn't just a simple sandbar. There are objects that haven't been eroded away," explained one of the investigators.

Archaeologists in the video say that the stretch between India and Sri Lanka is man-made and they also talk about the reference of a "magic bride" in an ancient Hindu poem. After a close analysis of the NASA's satellite image, investigators calculated that the line of rocks is over 30 miles long.

"The Hindu legends that Lord Rama placed a bridge here connecting India to Sri Lanka," Dr Alan Lester, a Geologist, said in the video. "There are stones that have been brought from far and set on top of these sandbars."

Ram-Setu Bridge
Ram-Setu BridgeTwitter

However, the narrator in the video says how these stones got here is a mystery.

"The rocks on top of the sand are actually pre-date the sand so there is more to the story," archaeologist Chelsea Rose said.

Scientific analysis of the stones reveals that the rocks are 7,000 years old but the sandbars are just 4,000 years old. The investigator concludes the video saying that these details confirm that the structure in the satellite image is not natural, but built by humans.

The promo was shared on social media on December 11 and until now, it has received more than 263K views.