Who is Ram Nath Kovind?
Ram Nath Kovind

As soon as Amit Shah announced the name of Ram Nath Kovind (Ramnath Kovind) as the NDA nominee for Presidential election 2017 in India, netizens started searching about the Bihar Governor in Google. However, the Google search result gives an interesting trend among the public.

Ram Nath Kovind will fight the next presidential election as NDA nominee. He is a Dalit leader and is known for fighting for the rights of Dalits and other backward classes in the country. Although he is a law graduate from Kanpur, people seem to be more interested in knowing about his caste rather than his qualification.

While a debate is already on about whether Ram Nath is an apt candidate for the presidential poll, Google search trend suggests that majority of the people are more interested in knowing about his caste. A look into top Google search in the name of "Ram Nath Kovind" or "Ramnath Kovind" shows that his caste is being searched for the most on the giant search engine.

Ideally, a presidential candidate's qualification and achievements should matter the most for a country, but people seem to be more concerned about his caste. While Ram Nath's caste is the most searched topic on Google, other related most searched terms are "Ram Nath Kovind governor", "Ram Nath Kovind daughter" and "Ram Nath Kovind contact number."

Ram Nath Kovind google search result
Ram Nath Kovind's Google search resultIBTimes
Ramnath Kovind google search result
Ramnath Kovind Google search resultIBTimes

This Google search trend validates the fact that the masses of India are still obsessed with castes and creeds. However, this is not the first instance where someone's caste has grabbed more attention than qualification.

Earlier, similar Google search trends were witnessed when Sasikala was announced as the next Tamil Nadu CM, and when PV Sindhu won the Olympic medal. Then also, "caste" was the most searched term for their name on Google.

Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind
Bihar Governor Ram Nath KovindIANS

Apart from being the Governor of Bihar and a law graduate, Ram Nath had also cleared the civil services examination. He had served as Central government advocate in Delhi High Court from 1977 to 1979. He had also served as Central government standing counsel in Supreme Court from 1980 to 1993. Ram Nath started his political journey in 1994 as a Rajya Sabha MP from Uttar Pradesh. He is also a former president of BJP Dalit Morcha.