Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma during police interrogationTwitter

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who has come under massive scrutiny due to his short film God, Sex and Truth featuring American adult entertainer Mia Malkova, is now planning to file multiple cases, including criminal ones, against a news channel for allegedly spreading false news about him.

"Am in the process of filing multiple cases including criminal charges on Tv 9 channel ..My lawyers are presently gathering all the relevant materials [sic]," RGV wrote on Twitter.

"TV9 channel under Rajnikant is distorting facts and presenting false news ..spreading malicious and derogatory perceptions..it's claims of news leaks from an ongoing investigation is a crime ..Tv 9 will be soon dealt with as per the laws of the land [sic]," he added.

RGV's troubles seem to have been increasing with each passing day ever since his film was released online for public viewing last month.

On Saturday (February 17), RGV was interrogated for three long hours by the Hyderabad Central Crime Station (HCCS) after Hyderabad-based social activist Devi filed a complaint against him a few days ago, accusing him of portraying women as sex objects in his film and trying to promote pornography through it.

Ram Gopal Varma, God, Sex and Truth
Ram Gopal Varma, God, Sex and Truth posterTwitter

On Monday (February 19), several women's rights organizations pulled up their sleeves and staged a protest against RGV in Visakhapatnam, demanding his arrest.

According to a report in The News Minute, members of the Mahila Sanghala Ikya Vedika threatened to go on a 48-hour hunger strike if their demands were not met. They also criticised the police for their slow pace of investigation in the case.

"Despite, we lodging a complaint with the District Collector in Visakhapatnam and the Police Commissioner and filing a complaint in a police station, no action has been initiated against the director... on the other hand Telangana government has not only booked cases under IT Act , but also booked cases under the IPC. However, the Vizag police is yet to react," M Laxmi from the Progressive Organisation of Women was quoted as saying by the digital news platform.