Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant at Yogesh Lakhani's BirthdayVarider chawla

Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant is back in news and this time it's because of her best friend. During an event, Rakhi's friend came on stage and slapped director Sachendra Sharma.

The incident took place on Thursday night during the music launch of the film "Mumbai Can Dance Saala" in Mumbai. Rakhi's friend Manisha accused the director of casting couch.

During the music launch, Manisha came on stage and asked the director why he deleted Rakhi's song from the film. Rakhi's friend also told the reporters that the director asked her for favours to get a role in his film.

Rakhi supporting her friend confirmed the news and told reporters that her friend is right and he did ask for some favours. The duo later went to Santacruz Police Station to file a case against the filmmaker.

Rakhi and her friend accused the director of casting couch and molestation.

Earlier this year, "One By Two" actress Geeta Tyagi slapped director Subhash Kapoor for molesting her. Tyagi recorded the video with a hidden camera and later posted it on her Twitter account with a message "confession of the sexual abuser".

Watch Rakhi Sawant's friend slapping "Mumbai Can Dance Saala" director Sachendra Sharma below: