Deepak - Rakhi

In a year full of surprising celeb weddings, the news of Rakhi Sawant finally deciding to tie the knot has shocked many. More so, because so far the outspoken diva had never ever opened about her closeness or proximity to the man in question. Let's take a look at Deepak Kalal, what makes him so famous and the virginity test the couple took together.

Virginity test: A few days after sharing their wedding invite, Deepak has now shared some unwanted information of him and Rakhi being virgins. The certificate certifies that the couple has had no sexual relations till date. Sharing the virginity test, he claimed that Rakhi is "pavitra" from 'aage se', 'peeche se' and 'neeche se'.

Unique entertainer: Just like Rakhi Sawant, Deepak too is known for his bizarre statements and funky dressing sense. He has a humongous following on Instagram and Twitter where he keeps posting his bewildering ideas, videos and thoughts.

Not studied: Owing to financial crunch, Deepak had purportedly quit his studies after 10th standard. He did a hotel management course and landed up as a receptionist in a three-star hotel in Mumbai. From there, his journey into the entertainment world began.

Fan following in Bangladesh and Pakistan: He may not be very popular in India, but is quite famous in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Bigg Boss: Deepak has claimed that he had been offered to be a part of Bigg Boss but he had turned down the offer.

Video for Modi: In 2011, Kalal had made a video for PM Narendra Modi, then Gujarat CM, saying that he would give Modi a kiss. The video was titled, "Modiji main aapko puppy dunga."