Rakhi Sawant, Deepak Kalal
Rakhi Sawant, Deepak KalalInstagram

Rakhi Sawant's hush-hush wedding created a storm on social media. The controversy queen, who often lands into legal soups for her uninhibited statements and antics, surprised everyone with her surprise wedding.

And, Deepak Kalal, with whom she was supposed to tie-the-knot last year is back in the picture again. Upon learning about Rakhi's wedding, Deepak made a vulgar video where not only he demeaned Rakhi and her husband Ritesh, but, also raised questions on his manhood. Kalal also alleged that Rakhi had taken Rs 4 crore from him and if she doesn't return the amount to him, he will ruin her life. He also added that he wants her to leave her husband Ritesh and call-off this marriage.

Kalal's derogatory comments left Rakhi with no choice but to give it back to him the same way. Rakhi also made a video leaving no stone unturned in making nasty comments on Deepak. She even asked her fans to abuse him.

Rakhi, who always managed to grab headlines, tied-the-knot in a secret ceremony with husband Ritesh, who is an NRI based in the UK. The couple exchanged vows in both, a Hindu and a Christian ceremony at JW Marriott in Mumbai. Prior to this, the couple also did a court marriage and got their marriage officially registered.

Rakhi had revealed that Ritesh was a fan of hers who had messaged her and cupid struck soon. She also added that she met Ritesh in person just 15 days before the wedding. Rakhi and Ritesh are planning to have a baby in 2020. Rakhi has also said that people would get to see her husband when they go for their pre-baby shoot and has also revealed that husband Ritesh is a very private person and wouldn't like him to be under the media spotlight.